Winter Solstice Cauldron

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✨Solstice Cauldrons✨

Scent: Orange + Clove + Pine 

Made during the first day of Winter Solstice. Being made on this day makes them that much more special. So much magic and love went into them✨ Can also be used during Yule rituals 🌲

They smell like Clove, Oranges and Pine. Topped with all sorts of magic to bring in the new year intentions and say goodbye to old anxieties ❤️

✨Sunstone- Sunstone is linked to good will and fortune. Its a stone of leadership. Also known as the stone of joy, sunstone is said to inspire happiness, joy and fulfillment in life.
🌿Clove- When burned are used for protection, cleansing and good luck. An amulet for attracting prosperity.
🌿Cinnamon- Enhances your sacred space or altar with protection and love.
🌲Pine- A symbol of cold nights and the warmth of the sun. Used to purify and cleanse.



Cast Iron 

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