Pixie Dust • Cotton Candy + Bubblegum

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There’s a barrier between worlds, where Pixies frolic and play. You find yourself deep in the forest, with no idea how you there. You can smell the light scents of cotton candy and bubble gum wisp through the trees.
Suddenly you find yourself standing in the middle, with an Opalite in hand. Ever so swiftly, a pixie appears. She invites you to cross into a new world. You offer her the Opalite and she twirls around you. You’re now in a world with mountains made of cotton candy and hills of bubble gum, swirls of beautiful Pixie Dust glittering in the air around you. Taking a few deep breaths you feel a type of calming childhood nostalgia.

Smells like: Spun Sugar + Pink Bubblegum
Garnish: Pink star glitter
Crystal: Surprise!

Burn times: 4oz 20+hrs // 8oz 40+ hrs

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