fairy realm • vanilla + rose + tobacco

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Rings of mushrooms. Naturally occurring phenomena. Yet you had always heard that here you would find the barrier between worlds. The Fairy Realm candle is an enchanting combination of scents that transports you to a magical world of mystical creatures and lush forests. With the sweet aroma of Rose and Vanilla intertwined with the musky undertones of tobacco, this candle creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The delicate flicker of the flame is sure to enhance any room’s ambiance, inviting a sense of tranquility and wonder. Have your crossed through the border, or simply fallen asleep? The perfect choice for those who seek a little bit of magic and whimsy in their lives.

Smells like: Vanilla, Rose, Tobacco
Garnish: Roses
Crystal: Angel Aura
Burn times: 4oz 20+hrs // 8oz 40+hrs



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