Booberry • Blueberries + Lemon + Cupcake

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Introducing the deliciously spooky Booberry candle! Perfect for setting the mood during Halloween or any time you want to add a touch of eerie nostalgia to your home. The top notes of blueberry and lemon give off a fruity and citrusy aroma, while the base notes of vanilla and sugar create a warm and comforting sweetness.  As the candle burns down it seems to take on a life of its own, dancing wildly and casting ghostly shapes on the walls. Its eerie glow mesmerized those in the room, as if beckoning them to join the spirits lurking in the darkness. The spooky candle's enchanting power leaves a lasting impression on all who witnessed its haunting beauty.

Smells like: Blueberry + Lemon + Cupcake
Garnish: Bio-Glitter
Crystal: Citrine
Burn times: 4oz 20+hrs // 8oz 40+hrs

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