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Welcome to Clove and Quartz! We are a magic inspired brand that caters to the tastes of the alternative community. Our candles feature pastel goth and dark academia aesthetics, and are infused with the powerful energy of crystals. Our scents are inspired by mystical and magical elements that will transport you to otherworldly realms. Join us on the journey to awaken your senses, and get ready to enhance your daily rituals with the power of Clove and Quartz

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This is by far my favourite candle! It smells just like a tea with almond milk and honey in it ❀️ My whole house is filled with it. The crackling wick and sparkles make it mesmerizing to watch


I ordered this as a gift for my mom who struggles with sleep. The packaging was beautiful and the candle was perfect. It is pretty and fragrant without being overwhelming. It was the perfect Mother's Day gift and I will be a repeat buyer


Definitely smells like London fog, my favourite scent so far!!


If you love lavender like me then do yourself a favour and purchase this candle!!


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